Sports Clubs

Sport and physical education are necessary conditions for the proper development of adolescents. Studies show that well-planned and well-executed physical activity improves students’ concentration, boosts self-esteem, and develops quick decision-making and independent problem-solving skills. 

We offer the following sports to our students:


Aims to develop football skills in students within a fun environment. With this type of sport, we manage to strengthen students’ self-confidence and develop teamwork skills.

Georgian dance

Every nation has created a peculiar, characteristic form of dance. Georgians also have their own, native dance, which is the greatest treasure of world culture. JEJILI dance club will teach the children the techniques of national dances.


A sport in which elements of science and art are combined, resulting in the development of analytical and logical thinking. The purpose of teaching chess in school is to identify and develop the individual abilities of the adolescent. Playing chess develops many skills in children, teaches how to think, develops willpower and teaches respect for the opponent.