Basic school (VII-IX)

The basic curriculum of our school is based on the knowledge and skills acquired at the elementary level. Special attention is paid to the teaching of subjects defined by the National Curriculum, such as:

  • Georgian Language and Literature

  • Mathematics

  • Subjects of Natural Science (Chemistry, Physics, Biology)

  • Foreign Languages (English, Russian, French, German, Italian)

  • Subjects of Social Science (History, Geography, Civil Education)

  • Information Technologies

  • Arts

  • Sports

  • Debates

With us, students have significant support to show their abilities and are focused on success.

At the basic level, significant attention is paid to project-based learning and the development of students’ skills necessary for teamwork. An integral part of teaching at this level is a variety of integrated lessons, within which the student is focused on deepening the subject knowledge, as well as the interconnections and practical application of information received from the subject. Moreover, debates are also held promoting the thorough education and developing skills for successful learning at the next level.