About us

JEJILI is the first private school in Georgia, founded in 1992. The main goal of the school is to give high quality education to students, to develop critical thinking, logical reasoning and academic writing skills. The main task of the JEJILI team is to arouse students’ desire to learn, to develop free thinking and ability to make decisions independently.

Mathematics, Foreign Languages and Natural Sciences are taught intensively at JEJILI Students can master English, Russian, German, French and Italian languages. At the elementary level the Natural Science is taught in English language.

The school team is made up from experienced, qualified and intelligent teachers. Their main goal is the success of each student.

JEJILI counts 30 years since its founding. Each school year is a testament of the fact that the school has withstood many challenges, raised successful young people, and continues to develop for future generations.


The mission of the school is to prepare the adolescent generation for modern life, who must independently plan their future.  To raise people who will be able to make a positive difference in the life of the world.

The main goal of the school is to provide high quality education to the students. Develop their critical thinking, logical reasoning and academic writing skills.

The task of the school is to kindle within adolescents the love and loyalty to the friend; To raise a dignified, patriotic man of his homeland; Take care not only of the child’s education, but also of his/her physical development; To awaken in students the habits of mutual assistance and respect , to support students with special needs; Develop their tolerance. 

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School JEJILI for me is associated with love, 12 years of happiness! Honestly, for the last three years in class we have been nervous about graduating from school when our peers rejoiced at this fact.

Elene Meskhi

Graduate of 2011