The main guarantee of the school’s progress is the success of the graduates and their development into healthy individuals. The students of our school achieve great success both in Georgia and abroad.

Since 2009, as a result of the introduction of national exams, the funding schedule obtained by 133 graduates of JEJILI has been distributed as a percentage as follows:

სანდრო გამსახურდია-01
Sandro Gamsakhurdia
Graduates of 2011

I spent the best period of my life in JEJILI. The conditions and situation created in the school, which I miss very much, create an ideal environment for the child's personal development. So I think this school and the people I got to know there have played a major role in shaping me as a person. I will always be the biggest fan of this school.
JEJILI is my home.

ნინია შეყილაძე -01
Ninia Shekiladze
Graduate of 2017

I spent the best years of my life at school JEJILI, where I had an opportunity to study with the best teachers. I acquired close friends and an experience that still helps me a lot in my acting career. I have special memories of the school performances of JEJILI, during the work on which a team of people with love for theater was formed at the school. I'm glad I was a member of this team too. This is what led me to choose my future profession. School JEJILI cares not only for the education of students, but also for the development of their personal qualities, social and civic activism, and a successful and exciting future.

სოფო კევლიშვილი-01
Sopho Kevlishvili
Student of JEJILI in 2007-2015

After 8 years at school JEJILI I realized that the most important thing I learned from this school was the love of learning. It is impossible to study in such a warm, family environment and not want to come to school every morning even tired and half asleep and listen to people who do their best to provide maximum knowledge to the child.
I remember when I first entered the school, I was greeted by smiling teachers and students, which did not correspond at all to the picture that school students often paint, in the form of constantly angry and aggressive teachers. I found myself in an environment where intellect and diligence are most valued. This favorable environment and healthy attitude towards learning eventually grew into love of learning. From the point of view of a 12th grader who is graduating from school in just a few months and preparing for future challenges, I realize that the school JEJILI has laid the most important foundation on which I can base my future knowledge. So the seemingly faded phrase is a reality for Jejili students - this school is truly a precursor to a brighter future.

ელენე მესხი-01
Elene Meskhi

School JEJILI for me is associated with love, 12 years of happiness! Honestly, for the last three years in class we have been nervous about graduating from school when our peers rejoiced at this fact. It wasn’t a bit of time, it was our half life! Happy life! A life full of love and warmth! An environment that is family! Each teacher I came in contact with only cared about our progress and development! Since graduating from this school, I believed that I would find such harmony and unity everywhere, but unfortunately, that was the rare exception where I got and I was lucky! I always say with pride that what I know, what I have and what I have learned is really JEJILI's merit! I want to say so much, really no sheet or page can fit it all and so I will say it briefly! Thank you!! For standing by me, for upbringing, for education, for warmth, for hope and for the love that will follow me all my life!

ანუკი მდივნიშვილი-01
Anuki Mdivnishvili

The school JEJILI has an unusual learning environment, with professional teachers and a high level of education. The school cares not only for the academic education of the students but also for their personal development. As a parent of one of the students, I am very satisfied with this school.

David Gogichaishvili

Today education experts talk a lot about Finnish, Asian, European, American education systems, discuss in a variety of terms which components are important, which are outdated, which are experimental.
Personally, on behalf of myself, Eka and Nikoloz, I will directly and not in expert manner praise the school JEJILI, and say that the teachers here loves the child, which in my humble opinion, should be the central and most important value in any educational system in any country.

ანუკა დაფქვიაშვილი-01
Anuka Dapkviashvili
Graduate of 2007

The best years of my life! The best teachers, environment and school! I am proud to be "JEJILIAN"

Anika Odzelashvili
Graduate of 2007

ჩემთვის ჯეჯილი არ იყო მხოლოდ საგანმანათლებლო დაწესებულება, სადაც მხოლოდ ცოდნის მისაღებად დავდიოდი. ეს იყო ადგილი, სადაც მხვდებოდა დამრიგებელი, რომელიც ჩემზე ზრუნავდა ისე, როგორც ზრუნავდნენ სახლში.

ანიკა ოძელაშვილი
2007 წლის გამოშვება

მურმან ჯინორია-01
Murman Jinoria

In a world overwhelmed by difficult and unexpected situations, it is a great happiness and comfort for a parent to know that their child spends most of the day in a well-protected, disciplined and aesthetic environment where the child receives constant attention from the entire team. The learning process is highly organized and demanding, extracurricular activities - interesting and varied. Thanks to the school JEJILI and the whole team for their work and professionalism. We wish them further interesting and diverse development in order to occupy a dignified and foremost place in the modern education system.

ანა ფანჯავიძე-01
Ana Panjavidze
Twelfth grader

School JEJILI is the most important part of my life. I have been growing up here for 12 years and I can say that I cannot imagine another place where I would prefer to grow up and develop as a person.
JEJILI is not just a source of education for me. This is a place where I acquired a second family, in the form of teachers and friends, this is a place about which I have lots of memories and emotions, and which I have the hardest time leaving this year.
I am proud to be a member of this big family and I am confident that I will still be after graduation.

ლელი შანიძე-01
Leli Shanidze

It has been just two months since my grandchildren went to School JEJILI to study. Here we met a team of professional teachers who, in addition to knowledge, share great warmth and love with adolescents. My grandchildren gladly go to school every morning, where they are welcomed in a comfortable and warm environment, for which I thank the management and teachers of JEJILI.

ირინა მესხიშვილი-01
Irina Meskhishvili

Twelve years ago, when we were choosing the right school for our first child, my wife and I personally met with the principals and teachers of all the private schools in Tbilisi. We made a choice in favor of the private school JEJILI. Our three children are currently attending this school. To this day, I believe we have made the right choice. JEJILI is like a family for us, where our children are educated in a healthy environment. I would like to wish success and progress to Mrs. Nino Chivadze and the whole team of JEJILI.

მარიამ ნიჟარაძე-01
Mariam Nizharadze
Graduate of 2017

School JEJILI was my second home for 12 years. The years spent here are the most important period of my development as a person. The environment, the place, the friends and the teachers have affected me so much that I still happily look back on everything and obviously it will be the same in the future. Each teacher gave me a clear example of how to continue on the path of life. I will never forget the warm and friendly attitude they showed me.

კახა ცქვიტინიძე-01
Kakha Tskvitinidze

My child's education is one of the most important priorities in my life. That's why I think that studying in JEJILI is the best decision! We chose professionalism, quality education, healthy lifestyle and family environment. Professional teachers, lots of activities outside of school, sports events, comfortable environment, good food - are the strengths of JEJILI. I am glad that every day spent at school offers new challenges to students. We are getting stronger and are developing every day, which guarantees a successful future for my child. That is why we choose JEJILI!

გიორგი კობახიძე-01
Giorgi Kobakhidze
Graduate of 2006

School has a great importance in human life. JEJILI is not just a high level secondary education institution. But, along with a good education, it has made a huge contribution to my personal development.
It was a luxury to receive a quality secondary education in Georgia of my childhood, and JEJILI was a real oasis of such education in that "Desert". The knowledge and experience provided by JEJILI has always helped me and still helps me. As the years go by, I appreciate more and more the place where I set foot on the path of my conscious life, because I am "armed" with in-depth knowledge of the Georgian language, mastery of foreign languages, thorough study of history and geography which has given me invaluable assistance, first in law school and then in my diplomatic career. All this, of course, is the merit of JEJILI's management, staff and teachers. The knowledge, competence, professionalism, incomparable method of teaching of each teacher was outstanding, as a result of which I still remember the rules of Georgian spelling, theories of mathematics.
My class tutor, Nana Lominadze, taught me the main thing - humanity. JEJILI gave me knowledge, experience, gave me friends and created an undoubtedly solid foundation for me to study with honors at the Faculty of Law, to start my career at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia and now to serve in the diplomatic mission of our country.
If God wills and I have children in the future, I will definitely take them to JEJILI. I miss my school so much.
Thanks to Jejili for everything!

ani Sekiladze
Ani Shekiladze
Graduate of 2012

I transferred to school JEJILI in the seventh grade. I had heard that it was difficult to establish oneself in schools of Vake district, but JEJILI broke this stereotype. I made friends with my classmates from the very first day and I still feel that it is my classmates who can stand next to each other the best. The hardships and heartaches we have experienced over the years have further strengthened our love.
The director, administration and tutor are also special in JEJILI. Teachers are the best, as their skills are not limited to the transfer of field knowledge. They can show friendship, love and attention.
My current success, the fact that today I study independently and live abroad, starts from JEJILI and is its merit. JEJILI is my second family and I know that I can still boldly open its door today.
I wish the school staff and students progress and success.

კოტე მათითაშვილი-01
Kote Matitashvili

I want to tell you, JEJILI is school of my children. As a father and as a modern person I think I made the right decision at that time. Both children, Giorgi and Rezi, are well-established, well-informed and well-educated teenagers today, they do not need additional training, "tutors" and that means a lot. From the ninth grade Giorgi transferred to another school due to a desire for other directions. He successfully passed the exams and transferred to a new school, which is exactly the merit of the school. Rezi continues his studies at JEJILI and the quality of his education (I am not subjective) is really good. In addition, the school has a good location, super-team, super-attention, security and much more! Many thanks to teachers, administration, security of JEJILI and good luck to them!

ლიკა დოლიძე-01
Lika Dolidze

What was important for me when choosing a school was the warm, loving and safe environment that I met at the school JEJILI, staffed by professional teachers, in whose hands you know that your child will receive a high quality education. I and, most importantly, my child are very satisfied. Sandro is very happy to wake up every morning, very fond of his tutor and the friends he gained there. I am glad that I made this choice, school is a very important period in a child's life and I was worried before I made a choice where to take him, but now I am calm because I know that my child is in good hands.

ზაზა ზაუტაშვილი-01
Zaza Zautashvili

JEJILI is a progressively growing educational center located in a prestigious district of the capital. School principal - Mrs. Nino Chivadze and the team selected by her deserve sympathy and respect by all factors. Professional delivery of knowledge and exciting excursions make the education process more efficient. And the teacher Nato is the clear embodiment of the modern tutor.
Thank you for everything!